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bit by bit the pieces fit

Hey hey, newbie to the community here! I absolutely love CHESS (well, not so much the American version, which makes my Yank heart sad as I don't think we can perform any but the American version here) and am glad to see there's a group out here of like-minded souls!

I just splurged and got CHESS IN CONCERT, now I'm looking for the Swedish and the Danish cast recordings. However, the only place I've been able to track 'em down is Ebay, and they'd cost me an arm and a leg each. Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding either or both of them for a reasonable price? I really want to hear the new songs! Especially the Danish version, which I hear is excellent but out of print for some reason!

*cough cough* 'course I would certainly be very appreciative if some kind person might *cough* burn me a CD or two *cough* just sayin' *cough*

Now that I've gotten IN CONCERT, I am currently obsessed with "The Soviet Machine." I'd sad that this version has cut down on the 80's-tastic synth stuff. Still, it was well worth the cash. I just don't revel spending that much again for CDs.
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