A. Ray (ronarayas) wrote in chess_musical,
A. Ray

please delete this if it is not allowed.

I'm looking for an mp3 recording of "Someone Else's Story". I'm using it for an audition and would like to hear someone else do it after working with just sheet music and a piano. is there anyone that would be willing to send it to me?

email: ronarayas[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM: Ronarayas

thanks in advance.

secured. thanks so much.
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August 17 2008, 09:07:50 UTC 8 years ago

If you have not found either version you are looking for (I know not when you posted this) email me at pphilpo@yahoo.com.

I have both Danish and Americann and can remedy your lack of them.

Warning: I do not recommend listening to the American version. But I do like the Danish one quite a bit.